Beyond the Designer


Thanks for stopping by! Who is Emily Rose Canina you ask? I am an empathetic, self aware, thoughtful, and growth minded person. I have 7 years of UX experience within design and research. The consistent thread in my career is being user, people, and goal focused. My passion for being “all in” and making myself, others, and my surroundings better is what makes my experience and personality unique. 

As a person, I am creative, mindful, and adventurous. I’m a social introvert who is serious yet sarcastic. When I’m not engaging with the UX and other communities I enjoy the random silliness of improv, the freedom of karaoke, the thrill of skiing, and the reflective creativity of writing and sketching. While these activities aren’t assigned a day or time, Sundays are for recharging, cooking, and meal prepping - recipes always welcome. For the unfiltered outside-of-work side, check out my personal website,

Please reach out if you find yourself in one of these scenarios and my vibe resonates with you:

  1. If I could be the UX designer you’re looking to hire - Currently looking for my next opportunity. 
  2. If you want to talk design or connect with a like minded person - I’m always open for a meaningful connection.
  3. If you’re looking for career or UX advice, coaching, or mentorship - I’m here to give back and am starting career coaching.